Wednesday, December 16, 2015

English Antonym Quiz For IBPS CWE Exam 2015-16

1.      ASSUAGED:
a) Thirsty                                   
b) Devastated
c) Untrue                                    
d) Unsatisfied
e) Foiled

2.       HIATUS:
a) Nexus                                    b) Atavist
c) Cognate                                 d) Vortex
         e) Reflex

3.       ADROIT:
a) Prim                                        b) Unskillful
c)  Correct                                   d) Strong
e) Apt

4.       RENEGE
           a) Vilify                                     b) Infringe
           c) Carry out faithfully                d) Enjoin
           e) Augment 

a) Love                                       b) absolution
c) Blame                                     d) Virtue
e) Awe

6.         FRACTIOUS :
            a) Delicate                                 b) Solid
            c) Agreeable                              d) Liberal
            e) Wholesome

7.         ADMONITION :
            a) Countenance                       b) Commendation
            c) Deposition                            d) Declaration
            e) Denial

8.         DOLTISH :
            a) Casuistic                               b) Imbecile
            c) Qualified                               d) Disabled
            e) Perspicacious

9.         ABSTRUSE :
            a) Detested                                b) Detained
            c) Obvious                                 d) Tight
            e) Rebuilt

10.      ESCHEW :
            a) Welcome                               b) Swallow whole
            c) Borrow                                  d) Save
   d)  Reset

11.      SCHISM :
            a) Concealment                         b) Calm
            c) Clumsiness                           d) Union
            e) Reduction

12.      AVARICE :
            a) Cupidity                                b) Virtue
            c) Altruism                                d) Kindness
            e) Stealth

13.      LACONIC :
            a) Cool                                       b) Voluble
            c) Friendly                                 d) Militant
            e) Fretful

14.      FACTITIOUS :
            a) Untruthful                                b) Spontaneous
                  c) True                                         d) Superstitious
            e) Magnified

15.      PANDEMONIUM :
            a) Amusement                                 b) Tumult
            c) Torment                                       d) Calm
            e) Epidemic

16.      FLINCH :
            a) Revive                                   b) Extol
            c) Offend                                   d) Advance
            e) Pierce

17.      PROSAIC :
            a) Romantic                             b) Opposed
            c) Inured                                    d) Fictional
            e) Biographical

18.      PROCLIVITY :
            a) Proposition                           b) Propensity
            c) Aversion                                d) Activity
            e) Delay

19.      HALCYON :
            a) Rough                                   b) Meager
            c) Notable                                 d) Varied
            e) Customary

20.      PARRY :
            a) Return                                   b) Delay
            c) Discuss                                  d) Ward off
   e) Thrust

Tips :- Try to find ans of these antonym question by yourself. It will help you to remember these word and another remember the meaning of all the words from this section using pictorial method.