Friday, December 11, 2015

Daily Quiz-9 For IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2015-16

1) Gold Monetisation scheme has been declared as _______ by FinMin
a. Voluntary
b. Involuntary
c. Mandatory

d. Both b and c

ANSWER: Voluntary
2) Indian startups raised how much money in the first quarter of the current fiscal in terms of USD billion?
a. 1.3
b. 1.7
c. 2.3
d. 2.7
3) India will attain a larger green cover as per which report according to environment minister Prakash Javdekar?
a. India State of Forest Report 2015
b. India Forest Report 2015
c. Indian Forestry Report 2015
d. None of the above
ANSWER: India State of Forest Report 2015
4) Which ace Indian shuttler has been nominated for Woman Player of the Year Award, BWF?
a. Saina Nehwal
b. PV Sindhu
c. Jwala Gata
d. Ashwini Ponappa
ANSWER: Saina Nehwal
5) Which Indian boxer has qualified for the Olympic Test event in Rio de Janeiro assuring a bronze medal?
a. Sarita Devi
b. MC Mary Kom
c. Aruna Mishra
d. Kavita Goyat
6) The first washable _______ phone has been developed by Japanese researchers.
a. Mobile
b. Hand
c. Portable
d. Smart
7) Scientists have found the faintest object ever seen in the early universe around ____ million years following the Big Bang.
a. 200
b. 300
c. 400
d. 500
8) RCom has agreed to sell telecom tower assets and related infrastructure to which company/ies?
a. Tillman Global Holdings LLC
b. TPG Asia
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Both of the above
9) First architectural drawing was discovered in which country on 4th December 2015?
a. Spain
b. Italy
c. UK
d. Australia
10) 44th Navy Day was observed on which day?
a. 1st December
b. 2nd December
c. 3rd December
d. 4th December
ANSWER: 4th December
11) Birth anniversary of which former president was observed on 4th December 2015?
a. R. Venkatraman
b. Rajendra Prasad
c. Pratibha Patil
d. None of the above
ANSWER: R. Venkatraman
12) The National Day of which country is being celebrated on 5th December 2015?
a. Indonesia
b. Malaysia
c. Thailand
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Thailand
13) GST committee headed by whom has submitted the report to GoI on 4th December 2015?
a. Arvind Panagriya
b. Arvind Subramaniam
c. Arvind Sen
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Arvind Subramaniam
14) The first IISF began on 4th December 2015 at IIT-Delhi. What does IISF stand for:
a. International India Science Festival
b. India International Science Festival
c. International India Science Fair
d. India International Science Fair
ANSWER: International India Science Festival