Monday, December 7, 2015

Daily Current Affairs-7 For IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2015-16

1. Tata Sons have entered into a long-term partnership with which bank that will become a strategic banking partner to the Tata group for its businesses in several countries across continents?
Answer. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC)

2. Which airlines becomes the first Indian airline to provide a direct air connection to the West Coast in the United States?
Answer. Air India

3. Which company plans to invest over $350 million (Rs.2,333 crore) in for-profit ventures and non-profit organisations in India by 2020?
Answer. Omidyar Network

4.Which company has manufactured ShanIPV, an inject able inactivated polio vaccine (IPV)?
Answer. Shantha Biotechnics

5. Name the country whose lower house of Parliament approved its government plans to join the military campaign against Islamic State in Syria.
Answer. Germany

6. Name the British astronaut who will attempt to become the first man to run a marathon in space, as part of his 173-day mission to the International Space Station.
Answer. Tim Peake

7. Which country's President told African presidents at a summit that his country would provide $60 billion over three years to fund development on the continent?
Answer. China's Xi Jinping

8. The Meghalaya Cabinet approved an amendment to the Chief Minister’s Scheme for Social Assistance to include whom as one of the beneficiaries?
Answer. single-mothers

9. Who won the 100 m butterfly in the U.S. Winter National Championships?
Answer. Michael Phelps

10. Greenpeace, the NGO urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to play a heroic role at the ongoing CoP21 Paris Climate Change conference, and pledge a total shift to renewable energy in India by which year?
Answer. 2050