Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Daily Current Affairs-20 for IBPS CWE Exam 2015-16

1) CBI has got search warrants from Courts and not from 7RCR. Why Kejriwal saving Rajendra Kumar who is accused of 100 crore CNG Scam??

2) Rajendra Kumar from 2002 to 2014 allotted contracts worth 100 crore for SAP & IT projects without any tenders.

3) Rajendra Kumar made bogus companies and appointed his relatives as directors of this companies.All 100 Crore project allotted to this companies !!!

4) Senior Bureaucrat Ashish Joshi complained to ACB in Jul'15 and they forwarded it to CBI. So CBI is investigating the case from that time !!!

5) ACB formally questioned Rajendra Kumar 6 days back and entire investigation was already in progress. Why its being propagated that its new?

6) Kejriwal himself in June 2015 appointed committee to investigate CNG Scam in which Rajendra Kumar,Sheila Dixit and LG are accused.

7) CM Kejriwal very well knew shady past of Rajendra Kumar and his involvement in CNG Scam still appointed him as Delhi Chief Secretary.

8) Contracts worth 100 crores was awarded to ESP India Pvt Ltd by Rajendra Kumar to his bogus company which is also owned by Rajendra Kumar.

9) Just like in NH Scam Motilal Vora of Congress dealing with Motilar Vora of AJL which in turn deals with Motial Vora of Yong India !!!

10) Delhi Govt. used all might to remove Meena as ACB chief but HC gave judgement that he will work as per law.
In nutshell Delhi Court told Delhi Government that ACB does not comes under its jurisdiction and that is where entire grudge comes in.

11) Even few days back Kejriwal and Sisodia requested PM Modi and HM Rajnath to handover ACB back to Delhi Government.
Now both CBI and ACB are having parallel investigation on CNG Scam and they are very near to send Rajendra Kumar and other accused in Jail.

12) That is the reason Anti-Corruption crusader Kejriwal is getting jittery because Rajendra Kumar and his Congress friends are going to Jail.