Monday, November 30, 2015

GA Questions Asked In NABARD Assistant Exam 2015

1. Which bank first announced twitter linked account - ICICI
2. “Project loon” related to - GOOGLE Inc.
3. Chapala cyclone hits at - Yemen
4. DDUGJY related to scene -
Rural Electrification
5. PMSBY scheme - Accidental Insurance
6. Master card Inc. is based in - New York
7. One question was related to Rugby Tournament
8. Recent Neil Hawgood coach appointed for - Women's Hockey Team
9. The Book Advantage India–from challenge to opportunity   was co-authored by - APJ Abdul Kalam
10. Svetlana Alexivich who won the Nobel Prize recently got it in the field of - Literature
11. Pichola lake situated at - Udaipur
12. Currency of Belgium - Euro
13. Shiva thapa related to - Boxing
14. One question was related to trade fair 2015.
15. Skill development project- Nai manzil
16. KAKRAPAR thermal plant- Gujarat
17. Rome flim festival BNL People’s Choice Award best movie award - Angry indian goddesses
18. Govt insurance company?
19. S tate animal of Rajasthan- Camel
20. Beas dam or Pong Dam in which state-.Himachal Pradesh
21. One question from Kisan Vikas patra ?
22. 9 dec celebrated as - International anti- corruption day
23. Sardar Patel stadium located at- Ahmedabad
24. Jim corbet national park located at- Uttrakhand
25. Children film festival 2015 held at – Hyderabad
26. Skill development scheme related to – Nai manzil
27. HeadQuarter of NATO - Brussels
28. Jacob Zuma head of which country - South africa
29. IDFC Headquarters- Mumbai
30. Initial capital of MUDRA BANK- 20,000 cr
31. Who is the worlds most powerful man according to forbes magazine- Putin
32. Sardar Patel birth date is celebrated as – 31 October
33. ICGS Arinjay Commissioned at- Kochi
34. IMPRINT is a scheme launched to promote - Skill India mission
35. Which apex body gives loans for housing- N.H.B
36. EPFO raises insurance coverage to : 6 Lakhs
37. City of Los Angeles popularly known as LA.. Is situated where- USA
38. Most tuberculosis disease affected country-India